Archives Calendar Widget v0.9.92 Update

  • [edit] PHP 5.4 is no more required
  • [del] “Include jQuery library” option in settings was removed. (This unselected option was frequently the cause of the problem “the navigation is broken”)
  • [edit] Now the jQuery library is always included into the theme by dependency.
  • [fix] fixed some compatibility issues

Archives Calendar Widget v0.9.9 is here

The new update of the Archives Calendar Widget is here. This is a major version update and it implies that there are some important changes.

If you use a custom CSS to theme the widget please do not install it to online website. The HTML structure of the widget was changed and your css will not apply.

After the update you have to deactivate/reactivate the plugin and check the widget settings and apply them once.

The editor is in it’s early version and will be improved in the future.

Hope you like this update!


* [NEW] Multi-theme Support. Set a different theme for each widget
* [NEW] Added two “Custom” themes. You can now modify the appearance without loosing your changes on every update.
* [new] New options for month view. Show previous, current or next month in first even if there is no posts (or the last month with at least one post)
* [new] Theme editor for custom themes. (for now only a code editor)
* [new] Shortcode now supports post_type and categories parameters
* [new] Serbo-Croatian language by Borisa Djuraskovic from WebHostingHub
* [edit] IMPORTANT: HTML and CSS structure changes (again)
* [fix] Fixed some bugs
* [say] Happy Halloween!

aCategory – WordPress Plugin



My first public plugin for WordPress. It replaces the category’s check boxes by a dropdown menu on post’s edit page. It limits your choice to only one category per post for categories you selected in settings.
It could be useful in case if you need publish posts only in a single category , it makes you avoid miss-manipulation, no more need to check or uncheck checkboxes.

The plugin works with the default and custom hierarchical taxonomies. Very easy to use, install, activate and configure in settings to chose taxonomies you want to replace.

More information HERE